Saturday, January 7, 2012

SOTC Obedience Day 1

Today was the first day of the Syracuse Obedience Training Club's winter obedience trial. I just had Tia entered in Grad Open. We actually got to sleep in for once!

Tia did a wonderful job. Her signals were picture perfect, and the heeling was probably the nicest that she has ever done for me in a trial setting. On articles she did check most of the pile, but not the one that I had scented, so she ended up bringing an incorrect one back. Gloves was a comedy of errors - first she didn't do the pivot with me, then when I gave her a second command for that she immediately took off to get the glove! It was the correct glove though, so whatever. Her moving stand was lovely. The go-out flopped, and then she did the directed jumping perfectly. She really likes that exercise - I can tell that she knows she is right. Gotta love that Aussie smile!

We are entered again tomorrow, and once again our goal is just to have a good experience and do a couple things right.

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