Saturday, April 9, 2011

Salt City Shows

Last weekend was the big Salt City Cluster at the Syracuse Fairgrounds. I was showing Tia in obedience, Flag the Rhodesian Ridgeback in agility and Belle the Vizsla in conformation.

Tia was the star of the weekend! On Thursday and Friday she showed with my mom in Open A. On Thursday she had a really nice individual but laid down in the last ten seconds of the sit stay. On Friday she put in another decent performance and qualified to earn her second leg with a score of 180 1/2! On Saturday I was able to show her. She did a lovely job (probably the best that she has ever worked for me), and qualified with a 184 to finish her CDX!

Flag had a rough start on Saturday, taking one jump and then leaving the ring to look for his owner. For Sunday we decided to have me pick him up at her house and not let him see or be anywhere near her until after his class, so that he would understand that he was stuck with me. It worked! He had a great run, and qualified with second place for his first NJP leg. Only two more to go!

This weekend was Belle's first show ever. I was really impressed with how great she was in the building - she wasn't bothered by any of the noises or the crowds. She showed like a pro both days, going Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite to earn her first point on Saturday.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maybe I DON'T Want Spring

Queezle and I were lounging peacefully on the couch doing Spanish homework when I spotted movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked up just in time to see a 3-inch long centipede race across the floor and under my couch. NOT COOL.

A hell of a lot of expletives, bug spray, furniture shifting and paper towels later, the bug is dead, I am wide awake and Queezle has taken shelter in her crate. I'm going to be a paranoid mess the rest of the night.