Sunday, January 8, 2012

SOTC Obedience Day 2

Tia once again put in an excellent effort! She did not do the drop on the first command today, but otherwise her signals were pretty reasonable. For articles, not only did she check all of them, she selected and brought back the correct one! I was very proud of her. Maybe she's beginning to "get" it after all! The glove exercise she did by the book today, and the moving stand was as good as ever. Our go-out once again did not exist. We obviously need to work more on doing that in strange places so that she will be more confident about doing a full go-out cold without refreshers. She did the directed jumping fine, even though I had accidentally set her up off center a bit.

So no qualifying performances this weekend, but still quite productive I would say. We'll keep training for the June trial!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

SOTC Obedience Day 1

Today was the first day of the Syracuse Obedience Training Club's winter obedience trial. I just had Tia entered in Grad Open. We actually got to sleep in for once!

Tia did a wonderful job. Her signals were picture perfect, and the heeling was probably the nicest that she has ever done for me in a trial setting. On articles she did check most of the pile, but not the one that I had scented, so she ended up bringing an incorrect one back. Gloves was a comedy of errors - first she didn't do the pivot with me, then when I gave her a second command for that she immediately took off to get the glove! It was the correct glove though, so whatever. Her moving stand was lovely. The go-out flopped, and then she did the directed jumping perfectly. She really likes that exercise - I can tell that she knows she is right. Gotta love that Aussie smile!

We are entered again tomorrow, and once again our goal is just to have a good experience and do a couple things right.