Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Great Essay Caper

One night in November I finished writing an essay.

The essay was due at 10 am the next morning. Considering the late hour, and that the next day began my Thanksgiving break, I knew that once I went to sleep I was not going to want to get up to turn it in. However, Goldwin Smith is usually open, so Queezle and I decided to make an adventure of it.

We made our way up to the Arts Quad, which we had to ourselves.

Like any good tourist, Queezle (or at least a werewolf that looks like Queezle) posed with Ezra.

Then we followed the footsteps of the founders...

...and posed with AD White.

Into the building we went, and up to the English Lounge.

At this point I realized a small error in my planning. The English Department mailroom is locked up around 4 pm, after which you can still stick stuff through the slot in the door but it must have the name of the person it is intended for on it. I had not included my professor's name on the essay, and was without writing utensils. So Queezle and I began combing the building, poking through any unlocked cabinets and inspecting bulletin boards. We were very excited to find some unattended pizza boxes, but sadly they were empty (yes, I checked).

We finally struck gold in the basement, where we found a dry erase board and corresponding marker. My essay appropriately labeled, we climbed back up to the second floor and turned it in (note: I did not draw the muscle man).

Then we continued our tourist activities by posing at the Temple of Zeus.

At last it was time to head home.

Mission accomplished!

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  1. I sincerely hope the university never gets wind of this!