Thursday, August 12, 2010

So Much for Love

Queezle and I are chilling near Albany for the Ballston Spa shows. So far we have gone Best of Breed both days with no competition, and haven't gotten anything in the Group. Tonight I had fed her in the car and got myself a salad and smoothie from McDonald's.

When we got to the hotel I realized I have a lot of stuff to lug up to the room. No problem - I'll just combine bags and balance stuff carefully and we'll be ok. Got everything up the stairs and through our temperamental door and settled down to dine. I like to save some of the chicken for last, so I put aside a few pieces as well as the tomatoes which I was not going to eat. Fork in hand, I realize that between the cooler, Target bag, McDonald's bag, purse and dog, I had forgotten the smoothie in the car. Rats. I carefully balance the salad on the coat rack thing out of Queezle's reach and head back out to the car.

I had forgotten one thing - the lid housing the chicken and tomatoes, which was sitting on the nightstand. When I returned a minute or so later, the chicken had mysteriously disappeared and Queezle had her most innocent face on. Did she eat the tomatoes? Of course not.

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