Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tia and the Ball

The other day, Tia detected a ball in the corner behind our big armchair. The ball had been there for months, and none of the dogs had shown any interest in it (we don't even know how it got there). But of course, despite having multiple bins full of toys ready at hand, once Tia noticed it she just had to have it.

Her first step was to crawl through the small space between the chair and the shelves behind it.

On the far side of the chair, there is a table that sticks out a little and presented Tia with an even narrower space to get through. This challenge gave her pause for a moment.

But she was determined to get that ball, and with a final heave, she was free!

Having claimed the ball as her own, she wiggled her way back out from behind the chair and proceeded to parade around the house.

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